What does it cost?

treyd only charges for the credit you use, when you use it. 


We charge a 1% setup fee for the credit amount and 0.95% credit fee per month. 


If you use our Quality Control service, we forward that cost to you (typically $300 flat fee for a full day inspection of your goods in your supplier's factory in China).


For example, an order of $100,000 with common 30/70 payment terms where you extend the payment terms 3 months will cost $2,995 or 2.99% of the total order value.


Order value $100,000

Pre-payment: $30,000

Treyd pays: $70,000

Setup fee: $700

Credit fee: 3x$665=$1,995

Quality Control Fee: $300

Sum: $2,995


We offer attractive exchange rates when you e.g. pay in SEK but your supplier charges USD.

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