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1. Invoice

Upload your supplier invoice, & product specifications.


2. Approval

Manufactured goods are inspected, you get a report for approval.


3. Payment

Treyd settles with your supplier. You pay up to
4 months later.

"Treyd is the new way to pay suppliers. With Treyd you pay when it suits you, up to four months later, without negotiating with your suppliers.
Grow faster, lower freight costs, build inventory and free up liquidity."

– Peter Beckman
CEO & Co-founder

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And select how many extra days you want before payment - up to 120 days



Directly from your order. You can also use your existing quality inspection partner.



Pay the supplier using your Treyd credit. The supplier gets paid now and you pay later.



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Answers to some of the most frequent questions:

What are the advantages of using Treyd?

Save money, grow faster and stop worrying about cash flow. 


Stop worrying about cash flow. By paying your supplier invoices up to 120 days later, you have time to sell your products before paying for supplies.


With Treyd, you can say yes to that big customer order immediately and you can keep a bigger inventory. You can hire more staff and place more orders to grow even faster.


Shift to cheaper, but slower freight alternatives, such as sea and train. Negotiate better prices by offering payment terms that your supplier loves. Reduce time spent negotiating with banks stop paying high interest rates on unsecured loans.


By reducing your working capital with Treyd, not only do you free up cash, you also boost your return on equity and it could improve your credit rating.


Shifting from air freight to sea freight will reduce CO2 emissions with 92-98%. With Treyd, you can start today, without worrying about working capital.

How does it work?

We help pay your suppliers, so you can pay when it suits you. Treyd means the end of liquidity stress.

After negotiating your order with the supplier and agreeing on the terms, you simply need to:

  • Upload the Proforma Invoice and your Purchase Order to Treyd, as well as the proof of payment in the case you are required by the supplier to settle 30% upfront. Treyd analyzes your needs and ascribes you a credit limit. 

  • You decide whether to go with a Treyd-appointed Quality Control firm, or one of your own chosing. When the order is ready, you approve the quality inspection, provide us with the tracking number, and upload the commercial invoice for Treyd to pay.

  • Treyd settles the remainder of the invoice with your supplier directly, and provides you with a new invoice with extended payment terms - up to 120 days.

What does it cost?

Treyd only charges for the credit you use, when you use it. 

We charge a 1% setup fee for the credit amount and 0.95% credit fee per month. 

If you use our Quality Control service, we forward that cost to you (typically $300 flat fee for a full day inspection of your goods in your supplier's factory in China).

For example, an order of $100,000 with common 30/70 payment terms where you extend the payment terms 90 days will cost $2,995 or 3% of the total order value.

Order value $100,000
Pre-payment: $30,000
Treyd pays: $70,000
Setup fee: $700
Credit fee: 3x$665=$1,995
Quality Control Fee: $300

Total cost for financing and quality inspection: $2,995 (3% of the order value)

How do I start?

Just click this link where you can set up your account or book an onboarding meeting here and we’ll assist you and answer any questions.

The first thing you have to do when using Treyd is uploading the proforma invoice you would like to finance. We will guide you though the rest of the steps.

You will also need to fill in our simple KYC (Know Your Client) form and sign up to our general terms and conditions (setting up your account is free of charge). 

Your company needs to have registered at least one annual report. Based on your financial history, we will provide you with a credit limit.

Estimate your credit limit here.

Does Treyd affect my suppliers?

Barely, if at all!

We pay your supplier the remainder of the original invoice after approved quality control without the need for further changes.

Can I only import from China?

No, you can import from most of Asia and Europe.

Right now, our solution is only fully automated for imports from China and Hong Kong, but we can manually cover most of Asia and Europe.

Do we need to be a Swedish company?

Yes. We'll add the rest of Europe soon.

For the time being, we can support Swedish limited liability companies (with at least one published annual report), but we are working tp open up Treyd to all of Europe. Please contact us and tell us of your need and we’ll get back as soon as we cover your geography.

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Treyd was born out of the conviction that hardware companies should be able to scale as fast as software companies. But, fast-growing hardware companies are limited by the fact that you have to spend money to make money. And when suppliers want to get paid early, cash flow becomes the problem, forcing businesses to make expensive choices and limit their growth.

Treyd is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Cairo, Egypt. The founding team, Peter Beckman and Sameh El-Ansary, has experience both from building companies and from international trade.

Treyd is backed by a global VC and a number of angel investors who share our vision.

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