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Treyd vs Wayflyer

Treyd is an unsecured financing option that is a great addition to Revenue Based Financing solutions like Wayflyer, specifically for purchasing inventory. We pay your supplier, you pay back up to 4 months later.
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How Treyd compares to Revenue Based Finance

While Revenue Based Financing options like Wayflyer offers great support for growth financing, Treyd specializes exclusively on inventory purchases. Many of our customers use Treyd as an add-on to other financing options like RBF, bank loans or credit lines. With Treyd there are no weekly repayment schemes, you will pay back at the end of the chosen payment term, 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. Treyd pays your supplier on your behalf, meaning that contrary to Wayflyer, you will not get money to spend freely. This puts you in control of your supplier payments and fosters great supplier relationships. Finally, with Treyd there is no integration with your e-commerce platform, all we need is access to your accounting data and you'll be good to go.

Cash flow graph “before and after”. Before Treyd, the cash flow fluctuates between positive and negative, remaining steady and positive after Treyd.

Avoid cash flow dips

Break free of the cash flow constraints that keep many businesses on a tightrope. With Treyd, you can stop tying up capital in inventory that may be months and miles away – and keep your money working for you.

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Painless supplier payments

Apply to get a Treyd limit. Upload your supplier invoice and choose your repayment terms. No fuss, or complicated repayment terms. Just a transparent flat fee for each financed invoice.

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Daniel Ohlsson, COO Morjas


“All our suppliers have different payment terms, MOQs and lead times. Treyd has helped us get more control over our cash flow and given us a tool to more or less guarantee a negative Cash Conversion Cycle in many cases.”

–Daniel Ohlsson, COO

The Treyd benefits

Improve cash flow

Get your inventory without needing to make big cash flow sacrifices.

Retain ownership

Keep control and ownership of your inventory when it’s not used as collateral.

Fair, transparent fees

No complicated repayment scheme or hidden charges. Just a flat fee for each financed invoice.

Increase order sizes

Get the backing to make fewer, larger orders instead of frequent smaller ones.

Improve margins

With larger orders, you can decrease price per unit and cut down on shipping costs.

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Good things to know

What kind of companies can use Treyd?

How do I get Treyd limit?

How is my fee determined?

So, what’s the catch?

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What to know before you apply

Treyd's solution is quite specific, and not for everyone. Here's a quick overview of what we fund (or not), and what you need to apply for a limit. We finance: • Supplier invoices for finished goods only • Only limited companies (Ltd) – no sole traders To apply, you need: • At least 1 year of published results • No unpaid claims • Positive equity (more assets than liabilities)

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Could Treyd be something for you?

Have any questions, or want to explore the possibilities for your business? Send us some information and we'll get back to you.