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Referral program

Know anyone who could benefit from Treyd? Refer them – and you’ll both get a cash reward if they become a customer.
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How it works

It’s simple, really. Send us a referral for a friend or business that you know could benefit from Treyd. If they end up becoming a new Treyd customer, you get a €200 cash reward – and they do too.

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Introduce us, please

If you have someone in mind, please send an email to with the following information:

• Company name

• Who to contact (full name)

• Contact details (email or phone number)

We will then reach out to them and see if we’re a match 🤞

By sending a referral email, you acknowledge and agree that our Referral Terms & Conditions apply. Do not send us any referrals if you do not accept the terms. Please note that personal data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Want to dig into more details?

Can I refer any sort of business?

When will I get the cash reward?

In what cases will I not get the cash reward?

Can I refer more than one company?