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Treyd to provide rocket fuel to fast-growers: "Excessive demand"

This article was written by Towe Boström at in Swedish, and translated by the Treyd team. Read the original article here .

Martin Vercouter

Do you like shaking things up?

So do we. And we are looking for stellar Growth Interns to join us on our journey.  

Martin Vercouter

Gyllene regeln - och andra tips för en Amazonlogistik som driver försäljning.

Amazon förbereder sin Sverigelansering för fullt, och av allt att döma sker denna under hösten 2020. Nedan går vi igenom praktiska tips på hur du kan göra en effektiv logistikhantering till en av.

Martin Vercouter

Keep on running: how IAMRUNBOX powered through COVID-19 logistics.

For Kirill Noskov, CEO of the active lifestyle brand IAMRUBOX, things are looking bright. With a steady order flow on the books, having tripled their revenue last year, his bet of building a.

Peter Beckman

Treyd strengthens business development, recruits Martin Vercouter as Head of Growth.

Previously General Manager for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, Martin Vercouter is joining Treyd on 1 July to lead the platform’s growth and expansion strategy. Besides three years.

Peter Beckman

Why lack of working capital puts the climate at risk

Shipping a tonne of goods from Dongguan in China to Gothenburg in Sweden with air cargo leads to over 6.8 tonnes of equivalents emissions. With sea freight, this would be 125 kg, including the.

Peter Beckman

How the current pandemic is affecting global trade and what you need to think about

We asked our friend and Senior Adviser to Treyd, Anders Malm, what the effects are from the pandemic on the global trade, right now and in the future. Here is his thoughts.   The current.


Treyd was born out of the conviction that hardware companies should be able to scale as fast as software companies. But, fast-growing hardware companies are limited by the fact that you have to spend money to make money.


And when suppliers want to get paid early, cash flow becomes the problem, forcing businesses to make expensive choices and limit their growth.


Here we gather news, insights and the latest tips around world trade, logistics, digital finance and related topics - as well as what's new at Treyd.


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