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Wave goodbye to cash flow headaches

Stop tying up capital with goods that take months to arrive. We pay your suppliers upfront, and you pay us back up to 4 months later.
Making a Treyd payment order

Free up capital to invest in your growth

No dilution. No complicated repayment scheme. Just a transparent flat fee for each financed invoice.

Customer testimonials

Sean Fry, Co-founder and CEO Socksss Studios

Socksss Studios

“How can something that's so beneficial to the growth of a business be integrated so seamlessly? Makes you wonder why this never existed before. Once you start using Treyd, running your business becomes easier and inventory planning a lot simpler.”

Sean Fry, Co-founder & CEO

Astrid Wild

Astrid Wild

“As a new and fast-growing company, working capital is one of the most important aspects to manage our business and be able to grow. Treyd has given us an accessible and flexible way to finance our stock supply. Their system is pretty straightforward and easy to use too.”

Jemina Pomoell Co-founder & CEO Astrid Wild

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