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Kaffekassan: Fostering stronger supplier relationships through timely payments

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“Treyd offers a simple solution to the specific problem that basically all inventory based companies face.”

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The background 

In 2015, Kaffekassan's founder, Oskar Söderlund, recognized a gap in the market for school trip fundraising. By replacing dull and outdated products like socks and cookies, Oskar launched Kaffekassan with a new and environmentally friendly product offer via a user-friendly sales channel. 

Despite initial setbacks and the unexpected dip in demand posed by the pandemic in 2020 and decreasing school trips, Kaffekassan surged ahead, experiencing exponential growth in just a few years. Today, with a dedicated team, an innovative app, and a presence in multiple countries, Kaffekassan is set on becoming the leader of their niche.

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The cashflow constraint

As Kaffekassan's revenue soared from 2-13 million SEK in just one year, managing cash flow became increasingly complex. “I had to keep meticulous control over the days between incoming sales and supplier payment due dates. The cashflow lacking buffer between incoming and outgoing payments was a real challenge.” 

“Not knowing whether we’d be able to pay suppliers on time was tough. I value my professional relationships highly and want to be seen as a trusted partner for my suppliers.” 

Oskar set out to access a traditional financing solution to solve the problem. After going through a six month application process so painful that Oskar “would rather not even think back on it”, he finally succeeded in getting a bank loan that helped the company scale to the next phase. 

Treyd provided a straightforward lifeline

Despite having solved the most immediate cashflow challenge, continued growth meant continued cashflow pressure. When Oskar discovered Treyd, he signed up and found the process significantly easier than his prior experiences. He could simply apply, get a credit limit within a day and then upload the invoices he wanted to finance. He was pleased to find a solution that solved the specific problem so many growing companies face. 

“Treyd is an incredible time saver that allows me to focus on sales instead of never ending admin.”

Treyd's solution provided a straightforward lifeline, alleviating liquidity issues and enabling smooth supplier payments. With Treyd's streamlined process, Kaffekassan could focus on expansion without the cash flow constraints that often plague growing businesses. 

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“I always try to think long term about our supplier relationships, since I intend to work with them for decades ahead. Working with Treyd has definitely helped strengthen the relationship with our suppliers.”

- Oskar Söderlund, founder and CEO, Kaffekassan