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6 use cases for Treyd

6 ways you can benefit from using Treyd to finance supplier invoices

What’s the main benefit of using Treyd to finance your inventory purchases? The answer may vary depending on who we ask. Here are some top ‘wins’ customers have reported as a result of using Treyd.

Smiling woman sitting in the middle of a warehouse

How Treyd is offering a new take on traditional inventory financing

Find out how Treyd is putting a new spin on traditional inventory finance. With our solution, you get all the benefits of having your inventory funded, without the hassle that comes with using your stock as collateral.

Several shipping containers piled up

Thinking of increasing order sizes with your suppliers? Here’s what to keep in mind

One of the biggest hurdles fast-growing businesses face is being able to keep up with demand, without constricting cash flow. If you are in a similar position, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Treyd’s 2022 roundup: growing and scaling to a new level

Taking things to a whole new scale: Treyd’s 2022 year roundup

This year, Treyd went "from a small team running an experiment to building a real organization". Here’s a roundup of some of the most significant feats and figures that marked Treyd’s 2022. 

Treyd basics – things to know before you get started

Treyd basics – things to know before you get started

Decided to take the plunge and give Treyd a go? Amazing choice. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect in the onboarding process, and other things that could be good to know before you get started.

Learn more about Strawbees growth, and how they are using Treyd

Strawbees: boosting production and improving margins with Treyd

Learn more about Swedish edtech company Strawbees, and how they were able to better meet demand, shorten cash-to-cash time and improve their margins by using Treyd.

Treyd employees and founders

Treyd to provide rocket fuel to fast-growers: "Excessive demand"

They turbocharge fast-growing companies - and surf on the same booming trend. "We've had excessive demand"

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The golden rule for Amazon logistics that drive sales

Amazon is preparing its Sweden launch in full, and by all accounts this will take place in the autumn of 2020. Below, we go through practical tips on how you can make efficient logistics management one of your sharpest competitive advantages.