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The many wins of Treyding

Improving cash flow, increasing order sizes, boosting growth, improving margins… Treyding comes with many potential wins. Here are the most common benefits that have customers saying “I could never go back”.
Cash flow graph “before and after”. Before Treyd, the cash flow fluctuates between positive and negative, remaining steady and positive after Treyd.

Avoid cash flow dips

Break free of the cash flow constraints that keep many businesses on a tightrope. With Treyd, you can stop tying up capital in inventory that may be months and miles away – and keep your money working for you.

Illustration with different boxes, some with packages

Stop skimping on order sizes

Get unstuck from the loop of making smaller, but frequent orders. Treyd removes the stress of that large upfront expense, so you can size up your orders – slashing price per unit and shipping costs.

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Grow without diluting your equity

Access the capital you need without giving up ownership or control.

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Cut freight costs and CO2 emissions

With time on your side, you can shift from air to sea freight to save money – and the planet.

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Bridge those pesky liquidity gaps

We cover your inventory orders so you don’t have to stress about liquidity.

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Get supplier discounts

Suppliers love an early payment – so much so that they’ll often negotiate discounts when you’re not haggling over payment dates or extended credit terms. Treyd sweetens the deal and turns a classic tug of war scenario into a win-win for all. You can even profit from the whole thing. Some customers end up getting discounts that exceed their Treyd fee.

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Improve margins and lift profits

With a combination of supplier discounts, larger order sizes and cheaper freight options dramatically decreasing unit costs, your margins can take a sizable bump. Freeing up capital lets you invest in marketing, sales and recruitment – or whatever you need to keep momentum and accelerate growth.

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Never run out of inventory

Stock up on your best-sellers without tying up capital, so you never miss a sale.

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Expand your offering

Have the backing to develop and launch new product lines without having to make big cash flow sacrifices.

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Keep suppliers happy

Speedy, reliable payments, makes for a good relationship. Which can lead to VIP treatment and priority services.

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Pay only when you use it

With our flexible platform, you can use your Treyd limit to pay supplier invoices as needed. No recurring or hidden costs – only a flat fee for each financed invoice. *Fees will vary depending on several factors. To get a quote, please contact our team.

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Explore new benefits for your business

Does any – or maybe all – of the above sound interesting to you? Leave your contact info so our team can get back to you for a chat.