What are the advantages of using Treyd?

Save money, grow faster and stop worrying about cash flow. 



Stop worrying about cash flow. By paying your supplier invoices up to 120 days later, you have time to sell your products before paying for supplies.



With Treyd, you can say yes to that big customer order immediately and you can keep a bigger inventory. You can hire more staff and place more orders to grow even faster.



Shift to cheaper, but slower freight alternatives, such as sea and train. 


Negotiate better prices by offering payment terms that your supplier loves.


Shift more of your sourcing to low-cost countries, even if they are far away.


Reduce time spent negotiating with banks stop paying high interest rates on unsecured loans.



By reducing your working capital with Treyd, you not only free up cash, but you will also boost your return on capital and it could improve your credit rating.



Shifting from air freight to sea freight will reduce CO2 emissions with 92-98%. With Treyd, you can start today, without worrying about working capital.

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