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Benefits of Treyd

Take control of your working capital and capitalise on your real growth potential. Let's unlock a world of new opportunities together.
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Expand without more equity

Stop pointless dilution—protect your equity as you grow. With Treyd you can minimise or completely avoid raising VC funds for expansion.

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Negotiate better terms

Reached the point were you have a credit with your suppliers? Great. Now you can use Treyd to negotiate a discount in return for cash payment. With us, you can offer your suppliers payment once manufacturing is complete—what are they prepared to offer you in return?

Why Treyd with us?

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Grow without diluting your equity

Access the capital you need with no strings attached

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Cut freight costs and CO2 emissions

Shifting from air freight to sea or train saves money and the planet

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Make cash flow planning a breeze

We’ll be there to cover your purchases regardless of your current liquidity

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Treyd isn't RBF, and that matters

We're not revenue based financing. We love all eCommerce—D2C, B2B, or a mix. With us there’s no fussy integration of your shopping, ad and payment processing platforms. Pay a simple flat fee when you ask us to settle an invoice on your behalf.

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Capital efficiency

Use your capital in the best possible way. Invest in levers such as promo, sales and talent rather than locking it in goods that take months to arrive and weeks to sell.

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Never run out of inventory

Hold plenty of product without tying up capital so you never miss a sale

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Higher valuation

Less debt, higher profitability, better cash-flow and more importantly faster growth. What more could an investor want?

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Keep suppliers chirpy and working

Speedy payment make anyone happy. Ours land on your suppliers account within 1-3 days.

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Pay when you use it

We're flexible, so you stay in control. Use your Treyd capacity when you want to. When you don't need it, there's no fee at all.