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Treyd strengthens business development, recruits Martin Vercouter as Head of Growth.

Previously General Manager for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, Martin Vercouter is joining Treyd on 1 July to lead the platform’s growth and expansion strategy. Besides three years spent at the heart of sino-scandinavian trade, overseeing the Swedish Chamber’s digital transformation, he brings in a first-hand entrepreneurial background and a strong interest in international business:
“Small and medium-sized enterprises are the real engines of economic development, yet they face unrealistic challenges when trading over borders. Especially unfair are the effects in developing economies, where SME:s are often unable to compete on payment terms, but also in advanced economies where they struggle with binding much-needed working capital to meet those terms”, says Vercouter.
Martin Vercouter
Treyd CEO Peter Beckman says the addition will strengthen the company’s business development and user journey: “Martin has spent years working with foreign companies in China, so having him on board is a great way to improve our understanding of our user’s challenges, and build relevant partnerships.”
Looking ahead, the startup sees a growing opportunity in servicing the cash-in-advance segment of traditional trade finance, as well as the new opportunities arising from a long-overdue digitalization. More inclusive credit assessments, and a unique risk model, are among the innovations Treyd is currently developing.
“I believe technology has great potential to help bridge the trust and transparency gaps that still exist in global markets”, Vercouter adds, noting that “Trade finance isn’t exactly seen as a very seductive corner of international business, so being able to turn that around, and making it work for more people is an attractive challenge.”
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